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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Grand Old Hypocrisy Party

The White House has demanded that Kerry apologize for Whoopi Goldberg using filthy language in a stand-up routine that she wouldn't let Team Kerry in on prior to her act. Keep in mind that Vice President Cheney only last week told a Senator to go F*CK himself on the Senate Floor when that senator brought up the Haliburton no-bid contracts they got in Iraq. Cheney didn't apologize, and said that the senator had it coming to him on the Senate Floor no less.

This is typical of the Grand Old Hypocrisy Party that screamed bloody murder because a private citizen submitted an entry into’s contest for a 2 minute ad on Bush that contained a picture of Hitler. MoveOn received thousands of these entries, and it didn’t even include the Hitler ad in its finalists. The Bush/Cheney team is airing an anti-Kerry ad with – you guesed it – Hitler in the ad. This is the same people who in the 2002 election morphed a Viet Nam war hero who lost 3 limbs into Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. Typical GOP BS! These sub-human scumbags disgust me. If the US News Media did its job of informing the people, the members of the Bush Administration would be run out of the country on a rail.

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