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Friday, July 30, 2004

White House at it again

Earlier this month The New Republic reported that several officials in the Pakistan government said that the Bush Administration had been pressuring them to capture a High Value al-Qaeda Target (HVT) during the last week in July, that is during the Democratic National Convention. This would cause the news reports to focus on that story instead of John Kerry. Sure enough hours before Kerry gave his acceptance speech, Pakistan dutifully obeyed the White House and announced that they had captured Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, a Tanzanian Al Qaeda operative, billed as a "top al-Qaeda man" and the "Most Wanted Qaeda Man" despite the fact that no one had ever mentioned this "Most Wanted Qaeda Man" before (isn't Osama bin Laden the "Most Wanted Qaeda Man"?) and every person who is said to be associated with al-Qaeda and is captured is announced as a "top al-Qaeda man" (there must be thousands of "top al-Qaeda men" based on all those that have been reported captured already). The Corporate News Outlets dutifully obeyed as well and reported this top al-Qaeda man's capture downplaying John Kerry's speech. Gee, what are the odds. Several Pakistani government officials say that the Bush Administration is pressuring them to capture a High Value al-Qaeda Target during the last week in July, and it just so happens to occur. Wow, what are the odds? Kerry picks his VP running mate and the same day, John Ashcroft announces a terrorist plot in Ohio that had been foiled a month earlier but not announced until that day. Again what are the odds? And every time Bush's popularity numbers dropped last year, they would announce another terrorist alert color change try to boost those numbers. Why isn't the media reporting these abuses as the political shenanigans and direct manipulation of the public they are? Because, dear readers, the Corporate owners of the networks, radio stations and newspapers benefit from Bush's presidency through FCC rule relaxations and other quid pro quo favors. When will the American people learn the truth?


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