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Thursday, September 30, 2004

30 Vietnam Veterans Barred From Bush Rally - Why? They Support Kerry. Who cares if they served their country!

On line article here

By BRAD CAIN, Associated Press Writer

SALEM, Ore. - About 30 Oregon veterans who support Democrat John Kerry for president were rebuffed Tuesday when they showed up at a Republican rally in hopes of delivering a letter to first lady Laura Bush criticizing the war in Iraq.

Bush spoke to about 3,500 of her husband's supporters at Chemeketa Community College here and, as with other Bush-Cheney events in the state, admission was by ticket only and was limited to supporters of the administration.

Before the rally, the group of pro-Kerry veterans asked Secret Service agents at the site to deliver a letter to Bush, but were told they would have to mail the letter to the White House.

Terry Kirsch, a Vietnam veteran from Canby, Ore., said he later tried to use a ticket to get into the event, but was told the fire marshal had closed the site.

"It was very disheartening to me as someone who fought in the war and was wounded in the war, and now I'm not allowed to hear my government speak," Kirsch said.

Kevin Mannix, chairman of the Oregon Republican Party, said the decision to close the event had to do with safety, not politics. He also dismissed complaints by Kirsch and other Kerry backers about access to the rally.

The line in red is key! Let me see if I got this straight. A group of mostly wounded Vietnam Veterans who fought in the US Military seeing combat while George W blew off his duty in the National Guard are a danger to the Bushies? Our War Heroes threaten the safely of Bush, his family and supporters? Those who bravely served while Cheney had "better things to do" are unsafe to be around if you are Bush or one his group? You bet!!! These mutha's would kick George and Dick's asses from here to Hanoi. You better be scared George and Dick. The Vets are gonna getcha! Booo!!!


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