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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Hastert Lies and Defames - US Media Ignores

Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (former wresting coach who as you will recall only got the job because he was the only Republican in the House not cheating on his wife) accused George Soros (who is working to defeat Bush in the 2004 election) got his money from illegal drug cartels. Hastert has admitted that he has absolutely no evidence of this, and there are no investigations or civil suits against Soros to substantiate Hastert's baseless charge. Hastert refuses to apologize or retract his lie. The US Corporate Owned News Media has ignored this as they have ignored all previous BS coming out of Hastert's Brain-Dead mouth. Typical Lying Republican A-Hole!!!! Okay, two can play at this game. I am here to tell you that Denis Hastert is a pedophile heroine junkie who practices devil worship and frequents prostitutes whom he pays with our tax dollars. I have absolutely no proof of any of this, but taking a page from Hastert's own playbook; I will not apologize or retract my statements. They are true people. Honestly! Just like Dumbshit Denny Hastert's lies are true! Dennis, you are an embarrassment to all of us in the great state of Illinois--to think we have a moron attack dog as our Speaker of the House! You bring dishonor to our state, your party, our country, and the office of Speaker of the House. I will sing and dance in celebration when your constituents wise up and vote you out of office, and you have to go back to working at the High School wiping the sweat off of the wrestling mats!


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