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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

More Republicans in Congress Calling For Violence Against Judges – More Domestic Terrorism from the Republican Party

Following on the recent Domestic Terror calls for violence against US Judges by Republican House of Representatives Leader Tom DeLay and fellow Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn, now Republican Senator Tom Coburn's chief of staff declares, "I'm not for impeaching judges. I'm for impaling them!" at a right-wing conference last week.

Another prominent Republican, Edwin Vieira, quoted Communist Russian Dictator Josef Stalin in calling for the death of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy who was actually appointed to the Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan and who provided the swing vote in Bush vs. Gore, the 5-4 decision that gave the 2000 election to George W. Bush. Why is he quoting Stalin who said “Death solves all problems: no man, no problem.” Vieira called for Justice Kennedy’s death because Kennedy sided with the majority in striking down the death penalty for juveniles. Vieira quoted “No man, no problem” twice for emphasis lest his intent be missed. The Republican and supposedly “Christian” audience (a group called called the Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration) laughed rather than gasped. Read more about this here.

Vieira said of Stalin's "no man no problem" method of dealing with those who disagreed with him, "He had a slogan, and it worked very well for him, whenever he ran into difficulty: 'no man, no problem,' " and then repeated his threat of "No man, no problem" referring to Justice Kennedy. Why are prominent Republicans following the murderous political ideology of Josef Stalin even quoting him by name to their supporters? Why aren’t the American people demanding that the Republican Party throw out any member who advocates murder of those who disagree with them?

As a result of these Republican calls for violence against Judges in the US two Justices on the Supreme Court (including Kennedy) now need to increase the number of police officers protecting them. And you and I the Tax-Paying Citizens of this Great Nation are going to have to foot the bill for these Republican calls for Domestic Terrorism against Judges. Future judges may be unwilling to take those jobs for fear of their lives given the lawless state the Republican Party is trying to foster in the formerly peaceful United States of America. They are trying to degenerate our Proud Nation into the Wild West! They’re trying to make America worse and make you and I pay the bill for making it worse. Nice! Are you listening America?

The Republican Party has become a Domestic Terror group as dangerous to the United States as al Qaeda. More dangerous perhaps because they have Terror Cells right in the Halls of Congress itself and can apparently operate with no chance of being locked up for instigating acts of Terrorism in the US.

Why hasn't the Department of Homeland Security taken these Terrorists into custody to protect the US from acts of Terrorism prompted by these criminals? Why aren’t they being impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors according to the Constitution? Oh, yeah, they’re members of the Republican Party…the one in charge of Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court. They’re allowed to commit acts of Terrorism or acts of Treason as in the Two Senior White House Officials who revealed the identity of an undercover CIA operative in order to punish her husband for revealing that Bush lied to Congress and the Nation about Iraq trying to purchase nuclear material from Niger in his State of the Union Address.

When did the US become the USSR? And when are we going to vote these criminals out of office and take back our nation from the thugs in power who commit crimes against the American People and receive no punishment? When?!!!!


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