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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Conservative George Will Admits Republicans Are Anti-Free Speech

Even uber-conservative George Will admits that the Republicans in Congress are anti-Free Speech in his column entitled The GOP's Betrayal On Speech. The Republicans in the House voted to limit political advocacy groups called 527s because 527s that oppose Republican policies have been more successful than ones that support them. The GOP solution, limit Free Speech so that they can’t oppose Republican policies.

Will points out that the Mainstream Media is egging the Republicans on to squelch Free Speech as long as it doesn’t suppress the Freedom of the Press. Just block grass-roots Americans from having a voice in politics, but not huge Media Corporations.

As Will points out the elimination of the Fairness Doctrine by the Reagan Administration allowed “conservatives' unfair domination of talk radio.” Republicans in Congress claim that limiting the 527s will create a level playing field, but as Will points out restoring the Fairness Doctrine would do far more to level the playing field requiring radio stations to air both sides of the issue rather than just the Right-Wing side.

Will warns that only if the Democrats in the Senate block this bill from passing will Free Speech in the US be protected. He is confident that the Democrats will do just that. Imaging that, George F. Will, arch-right-wing conservative, urging Democrats in Congress to oppose Republicans and thereby preserve Free Speech for Americans.


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