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Monday, August 02, 2004

Florida Republican Voters Told to Use Absentee Ballots not E-voting machines to insure their votes count

Buzzflash article here
The Republican Party in Florida is advising Republicans to register with the Republican Party to vote absentee ballot so that their votes count. They site the unreliability of the new electronic voting machines. The poster has a smiling picture of Bush with thumbs up. Recently it was found that in 2002 elections in Florida electronic voting machines lost all records of votes. We were told they are gone for good, and there is no backup, no audit trail. Suddenly, they said they found them on a CD that had been tucked away in a conference room near the election supervisor's office, but when examined it was discovered that many of the votes were still missing. Far more people signed in, and voted than the votes they suddenly found after declaring them lost for good. (Sounds like the Bush National Guard records that were accidentally destroyed, and then when people complained they were suddenly found except for the ones that really count) And out of the 15 counties using these electronic voting machines there can be no manual recount with at least 11 of them. This situation is repeated throughout the country where electronic voting terminals will be used, and no paper audit trail exists. Some say that across the country up to a quarter of all votes cast in the Presidential Election in November will be cast on these unreliable instruments. The Bush appointee in charge of elections dragged his feet for a couple of years when these complaints were being made to him, and he now announces that there isn't enough time to fix it by the election. Republican officials have been saying that the new machines were perfectly safe. Meanwhile the GOP is telling their party members to vote absentee so that when votes are lost, their votes on paper ballots will still exist and be counted. This is Democracy from a Republican Party standpoint.


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