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Friday, August 06, 2004

Three year old intel used to scare public was weaker than we thought

"None of the evidence found in Pakistan indicated that preparations for an attack on the buildings in New York, Washington and New Jersey went beyond the planning stage." said Larry Johnson, a former top CIA and State Department counterterrorism official. Also keep in mind that this "evidence" of a "serious threat to New York" was 3 years old, and most of it predated the September 11, 2001 attacks. So with Bush less popular than Kerry in the polls, and a New York GOP convention expected to have tens of thousands of protesters kept a safe distance away in "Free Speech Zones" the Bush admin announces that New York needs to be locked down (and dissidents further restrained for security sake), based on 3 year old data that never got past the "planning stage." We were told that certain financial institutions were specifically targeted, and yet Bush sends his wife and daughters to CitiCorp one of the targets of this 3 year old attack. Is he trying to kill them off? No, he just realizes that they are in no immediate danger. It was just a scare tactic to boost his numbers, and take focus off Kerry, and allow the GOP to curtail those nasty American Citizens who disagree with Bush from publicly protesting. Darn that First Amendment! It always gets in the Bush Administration's way! Except when they stomp all over it, that is.


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