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Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Here are some recent news items:

Oops! We lost $1 billion in Iraq.

Oh well, at least Halliburton is keeping track of everything okay.

A new study reports that fear wins votes, but of course this comes as old news to the Bush administration.

2004 Florida election theft update: The GOP apologizes for telling their voters to use absentee ballots because touch screen balloting machines are unreliable.

In these political times, the trivial always triumphs.

Musicians from all genres are spreading the word that apathy is no longer cool.

Ring another one up for GWB's "compassionate conservatism." The EPA will be able to approve pesticides without consulting wildlife agencies to determine their chemical harm.

NBC will air a documentary about former governor, George Ryan, and his decision to commute the sentences of all those on death row in Illinois.


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