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Monday, September 13, 2004

Bush Document Debunkers' Credibility Questioned

These are the “experts” that the Republican Party has trotted out to question the authenticity of the Memos showing that Bush disobeyed a direct order, and that is why he was stripped of his flying privileges:

William Flynn, a forensic expert, has been cited in several news accounts claiming the Killian memos were almost certainly faked. A few people have sent us this link showing that Flynn is also famous for alleging that the KGB forged John "Ivan the Terrible" Demjanjuk's death-camp ID in order to "frame" him.

As for one of the other "debunkers" cited in the AP account among other stories, Sandra Ramsey Lines, it turns out that she has strong GOP ties and is a member of the WISH List, a group that raises money for Republican women running for the House and Senate.

And Eric Boehlert writes in Salon that a PR firm pushing the CBS memo forgery story was also a force behind the anti-Kerry Swift Boat campaign.

As for their charges that the documents are fakes that BS is debunked here.


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