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Monday, September 13, 2004

Bush tied to More Swift Boat Lying Ad doners - holds rally at Swift Boat Ad doner

Posted on Mon, Sep. 13, 2004

Local ties to 'swiftees' ad $$

REMEMBER where the whole Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth controversy was at a couple of weeks ago? The Bush White House has always maintained that John Kerry's Vietnam record was honorable, and so reporters and politicians - including Bush supporter John McCain - asked George W. Bush if he would repudiate the Swift Boat ads.
He wouldn't. Meanwhile, evidence emerged of ties between the Bush campaign and the anti-Kerry Swiftees, including a lawyer who'd worked for both camps.
And now it comes out that when President Bush flew to the Philadelphia suburbs to campaign last Thursday, he held his rally at the business of a major donor to the Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth. The Bush campaign said it selected Byers Choice Ltd., a maker of Christmas figurines in Colmar, Pa., as a way of showing its support for small business.
"They decided to take risk," Bush said around the same time that several hecklers were removed from the event, one pulled by her hair. "They hired people wisely, they invested wisely, and their company is growing. And I appreciate the contribution they made."
Did the Bush campaign appreciate - or know of - the $2,500 contribution that Byers made to Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth on Aug. 20, about two weeks before the rally was scheduled? Byers' contributions came after the anti-Kerry group's first round of commercials.
They questioned whether Kerry earned the combat medals he was awarded for serving as a swift boat commander during the Vietnam War - a claim contradicted by official Navy records. The Byers contribution is part of a whopping $6.7 million the anti-Kerry group has raised - most since the ads started airing.
Byers, who won an award from the Bush-led U.S. Small Business Administration, has reportedly given at least $30,000 to GOP causes, including - in the last year - the Republican National Committee and Sens. Arlen Specter and Rick Santorum.
The new Swift Boat campaign filing was made public late Friday. Efforts to reach Byers over the weekend through business associates and family members failed.
An examination of local donors to Swift Boat Veterans for the Truth shows some other familiar names. Best known is local ad guru and former Sam Katz campaign strategist Brian Tierney, who gave $1,000, also on Aug. 20. John Templeton, the mutual-fund manager and Christian-oriented philanthropist from Bryn Mawr, gave $5,000 on Aug. 2.
Earlier it came out the the man who funded the start-up money for the Swift Boat Liars was a big Bush and Republican Party Campaign Contributor. Now it comes out that when Bush flew to the Philadelphia suburbs to campaign last Thursday, he held his rally at the business of a major donor to the Swift Boat Veterans for the "Truth" (read lies -- see earlier posts on this). Everyday I pray that at least 80% (or more) of the American People will learn, understand and believe the truth about the George W. Bush Administration and the Corporate-Owned US News Outlets failure to inform the American People about what this administration has been getting away with. One day the People will know, and they will be PISSED!!!!


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