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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Trial of Saddam Scheduled to Coincide with U.S. Elections

Reuters article via Truth Out available here
"Saddam Hussein and his band will stand trials within a period of weeks," Iraqi Minister of State Kasim Daoud said on Sunday. More time was needed to prepare the files of other junior officials accused of crimes against the Iraqi people, however.

Right, they need more time to try the underlings, but they can rush a trial of Saddam himself in time for the US Presidential Elections. Iraq is in chaos with nearly 1000 US Service Members killed so far, and towns erupting in battles as I type this, and yet they can squeeze a Saddam trial in time for Bush to brag about it and get a few more votes. Keep in mind that Pakistan was pressured to capture an al-Qaida operative during the Democratic Convention which they did (see articles in this blog during July) and they anounced the capture the day Kerry was to give his speech even though they had captured him much earlier than that. The lack of a Dept. of Homeland Security terror warning when terrorists are acting during the Republican Convention, (see below) and the anouncement of terror alerts based on 3 to 4 year old data right after the Democratic Convention cancelling Kerry's bounce. Add to this all the Orange Alerts that we kept getting last year anytime Bush's numbers dipped. Homeland Security planes ilegally used by the Texas Republican Party to track down Democrats boycotting sessions to gerymander the voting precints. One day someone will pull all this together and the American People will learn how they were constantly manipulated by this administration, and it will not be pretty.


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