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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

FOX aired 20 percent more of RNC speeches than of DNC speeches after promising to be fair and balanced

Fair and balanced - We distort you decide. Surprise surprise. After swearing that they would not give more coverage to the Republican Convention than they did to the Democratic one, Fox (read Faux) News airs 20 percent more of RNC speeches than of DNC speeches during conventions. On line article here Prior to the RNC, FOX News Channel host Cal Thomas said that, in order to be "fair and balanced," RNC coverage should not differ from DNC coverage after Fox aired significantly less of Dem convention speeches than other cables. Oh, well. They lied again. Are we surprised? The viewers of Fox who think that it's biased broadcasts are "fair and balanced" are. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are among the fooled. As are millions of other Americans who don't know what Fox and the others refuse to tell them. CNN showed a few minutes more of the GOP convention, but not 20% more. That distinction goes to Fox. ABC as you will recall opted to show the Republican Convention during Monday Night Football's half-time to boost ratings for the GOP. See article below. When the American People realize that the Corporate Owned News Outlets have been complicit in the misleading of our nation, there are going to be some very pissed off people.


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