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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Swift Boat Veterans for Lies

The past week has seen most of the organization's claims debunked and many of the members have thoroughly contradicted themselves. Not that you'd know it if you've been watching cable news. So let's do a quick recap of some of the week's more important stories:
  • Alfred French, who signed an affidavit accusing John Kerry of exaggerating his war record, is in trouble after it was revealed that he didn't serve with Kerry and did not actually witness his behavior in Vietnam. Lying in affidavits is obviously not a good idea when you're a county prosecutor. Oh yes, he also got caught lying about an extra-marital affair.
  • After Ken Cordier's departure from Team Bush (see Idiots 167) it was the turn of Benjamin Ginsberg to quit last week when it was revealed that not only was he a lawyer for George W. Bush's campaign, he was a lawyer for - surprise - Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. We hear the door did not hit him in the ass on the way out.
  • Jim Russell (who, unlike the Swift Boat Veterans for "Truth," was actually there the day that Kerry pulled Jim Rassmann out of the river) composed a stirring letter contradicting their story. "The picture I have in my mind of Kerry bending over from his boat picking some hapless guy out of the river while all hell was breaking loose around us, is a picture based on fact and it cannot be disputed or changed," he wrote.
  • Larry Thurlow signed an affidavit accusing Kerry of lying about being under fire when he rescued Rassmann, saying "no return fire occurred.... I never heard a shot." This directly contradicts his own Bronze Star citation (see Idiots 167). But a third Bronze Star was awarded that day, to another Swift Boat skipper, Robert Lambert. Lambert's recently-released citation says that "all units came under small arms and automatic weapons fire from the river banks," and that Lambert "directed accurate suppressing fire at the enemy." The citation praises his "coolness, professionalism and courage under fire." Thurlow claims that Kerry faked the citations by falsely describing events to superior officers. But Kerry is not the eyewitness on Thurlow's citation - Lambert is. Can it be any more obvious that Thurlow is lying?
  • John O'Neill has been making a big stink lately over whether John Kerry was in Cambodia or not during the Vietnam War. It appears that nobody - including Kerry - is really sure. But O'Neill - as usual - made himself look like a complete ass by claiming to CNN that he (O'Neill) had never been in Cambodia and in fact it was impossible to cross the border by river. Whoops! It turns out that O'Neill appears on an audio tape recorded in the Oval Office telling the complete opposite to Richard Nixon. O'NEILL: "I was in Cambodia, sir. I worked along the border on the water." NIXON: "In a swift boat?" O'NEILL: "Yes, sir." Ah, credibility. We hardly knew ye.
  • Even George W. Bush admits John Kerry is a war hero, saying last week, "I think him [Kerry] going to Vietnam was more heroic than my flying fighter jets. He was in harm's way and I wasn't." So now it's clear that either George W. Bush or the Swift Boat Idiots are lying. One or the other. Who can it be?

Well, there you are. The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were lying after all! Meanwhile Republicans at their convention are wearing band aids with little purple hearts on them to mock real veterans including Kerry who were in harms way and were wounded in the service of our nation. Can it be any more obvious that Republican supporters of Bush are unpatriotic scum? Only if you don't watch Cable News which fails to report anything negative about Bush. When the American People realized that they have been lied to by the Corporate-Owned News Media Outlets they are going to be very pissed off!!!!


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