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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Pro-Bush Christian non-Vet Punches Pro-Kerry Vets (both male and female) -- he thinks they shouldn't be heard. Vets who support Kerry must be silent.

Online article here
A 40 year-old member of a Christian group was marching in a parade handing out pamphlets and making loud insults about Kerry to the crowd gathered to watch the parade.

After about a mile, the veterans group asked Laughlin to go back to his own group, but he refused and instead stood in front of the Kerry group, refusing to move, according to a Chris Humphries, an Army veteran and Kerry campaign employee. Laughlin grabbed a veteran by his shirt and started swinging, according to Gary Fedel, a Lakewood, Colo. member of Veterans for Kerry. Humphries said Laughlin then turned around punched her in the mouth.

Yes, this Christian man who never served in the military is punching female as well as male veterans who support Kerry. Fortunately, the Christian group fired him for this. Good for them. But this reminds me of the Veterans Day parade in Talahassee, Florida, where two groups of veterans who were critical of President Bush's policies were forced out of the Veterans Day parade. Although, Hooters Girls with tight T-shirts were able to march in the parade. Keep in mind that Tallahassee is where Jeb Bush lives. So naturally real veterans whose views differ from brother George were not allowed to march in a Veterans' Day Parade. But scantily clad non-vets were allowed to show the crowd their Hooters. This is what Bush wants. Silence of any voice that dissagrees with his. Even veterans on Veterans Day will be silenced in favor of Corporate America's titilation.


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