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Friday, October 01, 2004

Another Bogus Claim Bush Made During the First Debate

This is my expanded version of a talking points memo posting:

“The A.Q. Khan network has been brought to justice,” President Bush said in the debate last night. He made this claim repeatedly throughout the debate. He was referring to Pakistan’s Chief Nuclear Scientist who had sold secrets and material for making NUCLEAR WEAPONSYES WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION to North Korea, Libya, Iran, and other rogue states. President Bush repeatedly took credit for bringing the A.Q. Khan network to justice.
Brought to justice?


The White House went along with a deal in which Khan was immediately pardoned after making a perfunctory apology for spreading nuclear weapons technology all over the globe.
This guy and his group spreads NUCLEAR WEAPONS to the most dangerous anti-American countries. All Khan has to do is say he’s SORRY HE PUT THE WORLD IN DANGER OF A NUCLEAR WAR. And Bush calls that bringing him to justice, and Bush repeatedly takes credit for this. From a man who allows torture in many not just one detainee prisons, the outing of an undercover CIA operative working to prevent Weapons of Mass Destruction from being proliferated throughout the world, Haliburton and their no-bid contracts stealing from the US Taxpayers by charging us for things they didn’t provide and overcharging the US Taxpayers for gasoline, etc., etc., etc. This is his idea of bringing someone to justice.

I guess it's really not about law enforcement.


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