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Friday, October 08, 2004

September Job Growth Weaker Than Expected Net 585,000 jobs have been lost since President Bush took office

In the VP debate this past week, Senator Edwards pointed out that George W. Bush is set to be the first President in 70 years (since Herbert Hoover in the Great Depression) to show a net loss of jobs during his presidency. Cheney said that Edwards was looking at old data and that there were a million net jobs created during this term. Well, guess what? Cheney lied!!! Today's news shows that Edwards was right that Bush has lost more jobs than any president since Hoover in the Great Depression. The first president since then to not create any net jobs. And in fact to loose over half a million net jobs. I hope Kerry points this lie out in the debate with Bush tonight. Read the article here about how the jobs creation in September was worse than expected and scroll down to the last line. Wait, I'll save you the trouble. Here's the line:

After including the projected change, it appears that about 585,000 jobs have been lost since President Bush took office in January 2001.

This news has shocked Wall Street driving the stock market down. It has driven the US Dollar down against other world currencies which will add to our deficit.

This should be the lead story on the evening news. But it won't be!!! Because the Corporations that own the Networks that Broadcast the Evening News Programs want Bush in the White House so that they can keep buying up independent stations and newspapers around the country limiting what we Americans get for news further.


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