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Monday, October 04, 2004

Fox News "Fooled" Again - Or Fooling Viewers Again?

Fox News on the heals of posting a false story with false Kerry quotes interviewed a group calling themselves Communists for Kerry. The group basically claimed that Kerry was a closet commie and would be good for commies in the US. Problem is Communists for Kerry is a REPUBLICAN GROUP that uses Satire and Irony to woo voters away from Kerry and to Bush. All Fox News would have had to do is go to the group's about link to find that out. Looking at their homepage is all you have to do to see that it is Anti-Kerry not Pro-Kerry. Could Fox News be that stupid?????!!!!! Don't know. Maybe they think their viewers are that dumb. Meanwhile MS-NBC hired GOP pollster Frank Luntz to do debate night analysis buying Luntz story that he hasn't worked for Republicans since 2001, but actually he has been giving briefings to Congressional Republicans including the Speaker of the House as recently as a few months ago.


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