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Friday, October 01, 2004

Let's not forget our greatest ally in the world...Poland!

Several times during the debate when Kerry pointed out that we have lost the support of our historical allies except for the UK, Bush brought up that Kerry forgot about our wonderful ally, Poland. Now don’t get me wrong, Poland may be a wonderful country and all, but for many decades our chief allies have included names like France, Germany and lately since the fall of Communism, Russia. But to Bush you can forget those puny nations, it’s Poland that is our greatest ally after the UK.

Also during the debate Bush kept quoting Kerry’s line of “the wrong war at the wrong time at the wrong place.” The group I watched the debates with counted, and he said it seven times. Bush could say little else except this line in the debate in fact. Check for yourself here search for “wrong time” and you will see he said it seven times. He only mentioned Osama bin Laden, the guy behind 9/11, four times, and those were only because Kerry brought Osama up. Otherwise Bush wouldn’t have mentioned the chief terrorist and man behind the most terrible terrorist attack on the US in history.

In answer to the question about invading Iraq preemptively, Bush said, “The enemy attacked us.” Iraq didn't attack the US!!! Osama bin Laden did!!! At another point during the debate when asked about going after Osama bin Laden Bush said, “Of course we‘re after Saddam Hussein—I mean bin Laden.” Bush can't stop confusing the two despite the fact that in September of 2003 he and ranking members of his administration admitted that we have no evidence that Saddam Hussein was in anyway involved in the September 11 attacks. The September 11 Commission found the same thing. Yet, Bush continues to confuse Saddam with Osama in his speeches so often that at one point 70% of the American People were convinced Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11. No wonder if the President of the United States can't even keep that straight. We need a President who can keep the bad guys straight without a scorecard. Bush obviously isn’t that President!


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