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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

GOP Theft of the Election 2004: Voting Machines That Always Come Up Bush in Florida

Well it's Election Day in Florida, and guess what? At mulitple polling places in the state people are reporting that when they vote for Kerry on Eelectronic Voting Machines, the screen shows it as a vote for Bush. This happened in New Mexico during early voting. To my knowledge it has not been corrected. The Poll workers in Florida are telling voters not to worry about it-- "just a screen error." Yeah, right! If I took out $100 at an ATM it it showed that it had given me $1000. I'd be worried. Why wouldn't someone be worried when the E-Vote Terminal shows that it changed their vote from Kerry to Bush? These machines have no receipt (unlike the ATM) and no hard copy of the vote. Just the electronic one that apparently is incorrect. It is estimated that ONE THIRD OF ALL VOTES CAST IN THIS ELECTION WILL BE ON ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES -- MOST OF WHICH HAVE NO PAPER TRAIL OR WAY TO RECOUNT THE VOTE OTHER THAN THE POTENTIALLY INCORRECT ELECTRONIC CAPTURE OF THE VOTE. Will this put Bush over the top? This should frighten all Americans, and would if it got the media attention it deserved!!!! Democracy is at stake, and the American People need to demand accountability!!! Read and for more info on the GOP Theft of the Election 2004!


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