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Friday, October 15, 2004

Cheney is a Leftist!

Dick Cheney as a member of Congress from Wyoming voted to raise taxes 144 times. If 98 tax-hike votes make Kerry a far-out liberal, than Cheney would have to be placed somewhere in the ideological vicinity of Che Guevara.

Excerpt from Jon Chait's George Bush, tax hiker smackdown column in today's Los Angeles Times.


Blogger Carencro said...

Someone, the Person who wrote in a Negative manner regarding Cheney and the alleged Environmental Freaks who said he did unethical things, in a manner of speaking to assist Halliburton, are not aware of what they speak of nor do they wish to be open toward Oil Companies at all.

I say this because Environmental Concerns are manipulated by Large Corporations for the Benefit of the Large Corporations which are of the Group alligned with or owning Large Media Concerns, who have the following agendas;
One, to Control the Persons Holding the Offices of PResident, Vice PResident, of the U.S.
Two to control the Majority Positions of Leadership in the Senate and the House of Representatives in the U.S. Congress.

Thyree, to Control thereby the Economy of the U.S. and to Shift or Maintain Control over the Judiciary, of the U.S. Federal COurts, to Shift all Power to their Sections of the Country they already Control, and to Control the Value of the Dollar which they presently Control by Conspiracy, with Unions, The areas of the Federal Reserve System, they own defacto by complicity with Insurance Corporations in the North East U.S. between the Ohio River, the Mississippi River and the Canadian Border and then Eastward.

They almost Singlehandedly COntrol the Value of the U.S. Dollar, now one tenth of the value of the 1957 U.S. Dollar,
One district consists almost exclusively of Massachussetts, a very small state, and the majority of Districts is in the area delineated above.

With Control of the Congressional Majority Seats, and the Presidency, the North East U. S. Congressional Delegations Rape the U.S. DOllar and Economy, and is why the Liberals, Faux LIberals Do anything, Say anything and aligne themselves with anything, any issue, any assinine issue, is to Rape the Economy and U.S> dollar.
They do not care about U.S. Soldiers, are the Citizens in the Rest of the COuntry, only Raping our Economy,
With Control of Congress and Presidency, they can and have Written the Most Oppressive Executive ORders in HIstory, they have even I believe Stolen JObs Retirement, Causes Massive DIvorces throughout the SOuth, the North West, and in The Far NOrth, through So Called Environmental Initiatives, in eliminating Timber Cutting Oil Industries, MIning of every kinds, and all to Steal through knowlege of Economics and LImited Capital and Manpower availability, which many in these areas are unaware, using LIes concerning Economy and El NIno and Environmentalism, Raped our Economy and our Natural Resources, and our Manpower and Jobs and Marriages and our Investments, or Retirement, etc. YOu name it they stole it without care or concern for their So Called Working Man, who they abhor with Evil Economic Maneuvers and Environmental Tricks of the Calculator.

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