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Friday, January 07, 2005

More cases of votes switched from Kerry to Bush

In addition to my previously reported cases of electronic voting machines that recorded votes intended for John Kerry as votes for George W. Bush in Florida and New Mexico there have been reported incidents of this across the country including Washington State as this documented study shows in which other Republican candidates received votes intended for their Democratic opponents.

Americans across the country have reported incidents like this, and they have been ignored by the press and by Congress. As this study says, "Citizens should not have the burden of proving fraud, it is our government that has the burden of proving the election was transparent, fair and clean from the perspective even of the loser, because the continued vitality of democratic government depends upon the election loser’s acceptance that the loss occurred through a fair and democratic process." I wish our Goverment and the Corporate-owned Goverment-connected US Media News Outlets shared this viewpoint. Maybe we will live in a democracy again some day.


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