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Thursday, February 17, 2005

White House Press Corps Includes Prostitute Posing as Reporter—How Appropriate

The recent revelations (still not fully covered by many US News Sources – especially Fox News) that for two years the White House has allowed a fake reporter (for a Republican Website posing as a legitimate news agency) who turns out to be a tax evader and a male prostitute who was operating under a false name lobbing softball questions and injecting GOP written propaganda in his questioning of the White House spokesman and the President himself comes as no surprise to this blogger. Considering that for more than four years the White House Press Corps has failed to point out patently false statements made by members of the Bush Administration and also failed to give ample time and coverage to opposing viewpoints shows that the entire White House Press Corps are Prostitutes! This one merely was paid for actually having sex with men, but the rest were paid for rolling over and spreading their legs for Politicos in Power passing on their many missiles of misinformation to an unsuspecting American populace. All in all I would say that Jeff Gannon (the assumed name of the reporter caught living the lie) was the lesser villain here, and the Corporate-owned US News Media Outlets failing to alert the American people of the falseness of statements made by government officials and their paid shills are the greater dangers to US democracy.

Of course this raises issues of security since both the FBI and the Secret Service are supposed to fully investigate those allowed into the White House Press Conferences within a few feet of the President of the United States and other powerful people. It turns out that many true valid journalists have been excluded from the Bush White House Press Corps during the last four years. The White House has often claimed that this was due to the thorough background checks needed to insure that no one with a suspicious background be allowed into the White House. But it turns out that most tenured professional journalists excluded were those who were not willing to pass on false information or were willing to ask the President tough questions he was not prepared to answer. Instead the White House allows tax evading male prostitutes with no journalism background operating under assumed names to get within striking distance of the President, and holds legitimate longtime journalists who might actually dig a little deeper at bay. This marks the death of true journalism in the United States of America.

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