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Friday, April 22, 2005

Big Brother Tactics and Counterfeit Town Hall Meetings of Bush Admin Raising Stink Among Americans

Even Fox News (the Unofficial Ministry of Propaganda for the Bush White House) is having to include articles on their website admitting the outcry over the White House Hand Picking the Attendees at Tax Payer Funded Bush Speaking Engagements. The events are completely choreographed with questions and answers rehearsed. The White House says that making sure that 100% of the attendees support Bush and his ideas is only to protect him from potential harm, but local Democratic government officials are finding themselves excluded from attending. Does the White House really think that a government official who happens to be a Democrat is going to be a threat to the President? Well, yes, if they happen to ask him questions that he hasn’t been coached how to answer or that make him look bad. Fox News reports what I reported here months ago that attendees at Bush speaking events were being made to sign loyalty oaths to him. In addition it seems that they have to give the White House their full name, Social Security Numbers, and address as well as email addresses and sign "pledges of support for the president" in order to attend. Even for Conservative Mouthpiece Fox News this smacks of Big-Brotherism. During the presidential campaign the New York Times reported that in order to ensure tickets to see the President speak, “people were encouraged to do volunteering for the local Bush campaign.” Since Bush is completely insulated from dissenting viewpoints does he even know that a majority of Americans disapprove of his plans to Privatize Social Security? Does he know how many people disagree with him? Maybe his handlers don’t want him to know.


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