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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Bush Deciding Whether to be Terrorist or Not -- US to be Dragged Along with His Decision

“If you harbor terrorists, you are a terrorist,” were the words used by President George W. Bush in justifying the invasion of Afghanistan three-and-a-half years ago and launching the campaign of worldwide militarism known as the global war on terror. But the Bush administration is itself harboring a notorious terrorist, wanted for the mid-flight bombing of a Cuban civilian airliner as well as other deadly attacks on civilian targets and attempted assassinations. The terrorist in question is Luis Posada Carriles, a CIA-trained Cuban exile who slipped quietly across the US-Mexican border last month and is now formally applying for political asylum in the United States. Posada Carriles entered the country illegally, and as stated above he is wanted for jetliner bombing, attempted assassinations and other deadly attacks on civilian targets. The governments of both Cuba and Venezuela are requesting Posada Carriles’s extradition to face charges of international terrorism and murder. Bush has remained silent while he decides whether to continue to harbor this terrorist or not. All 73 people aboard the plane he bombed were killed. If you blow up a jetliner full of innocent civilians you are a terrorist! Case closed! If Bush grants him asylum, then by Bush’s own statements above “If you harbor terrorists, you are a terrorist,” he will be declaring himself as a terrorist and the US as a terrorist nation. We await his decision! Read the full story here.


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