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Monday, April 18, 2005

Bush Admits Staff Banning Non-GOP and Reagan Appointee Calls for People to Oppose GOP

For some time during Mr. Bush’s presidency any time he or high ranking members of his administration held speaking engagements around the country usually at Tax Payers Expense, only those who were Republican and who were certain to agree with President Bush were allowed to attend. No previous president of the US has done this. Certain Tyrants in Third World Nations and Communist Regimes certainly, but not in the US. In the past the Bush Administration had blamed it on local Republican Volunteers who had gotten a little too boisterous. In most cases the people throwing non-Republicans out of these events identified themselves as either Secret Service or as Bush Administration Officials, but later the Bush Admin would say that it was just local volunteers. Now finally the White House has had to admit that it was members of the President’s own White House Staff who have been preventing US Tax Paying Citizens from attending the speaking events their Hard Earned Tax Dollars pay for. Read the article here which has links to articles on Fox News’ website (of all places)! To deliberately ban half of the American People (all of whom the President represents) is Un-American. But perfectly in keeping for the George W. Bush administration which is the most Un-American Administration that has ever held power in America!

Also Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor (a Reagan appointee) has called on "thoughtful citizens" to call for end to "extreme" faction's incitement to judge hate. Unfortunately the ones calling for violence against Judges are the Leaders of the Republican Party. So a Reagan appointee is calling on right-thinking Americans to halt the blood-thirsty call of Leading Republicans for Domestic Terrorism!


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