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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Bush Admin Admits Tax Payer Funded Events Exclude Non-Republican Attendees

For a long time now any time that George W. Bush or Dick Cheney or other top Bush Admin officials appear in public, although ALL Americans pay for these speaking engagements, only Republicans (and at that only those who agree with Bush) are allowed to attend. Anyone who is not a Republican and who doesn’t agree with him are thrown out (by the local Republican Party often claiming to be Secret Service Agents—thereby committing fraud and impersonating an officer) even though the people excluded helped pay for the event. No previous president in the history of the United States has excluded members of the other party from publicly funded speaking events. Now Bush has given up any pretenses of propriety and has made these events by invitation only. That’s fine as long as Bush doesn’t make all Americans pay for these private parties, pay for the travel to these private parties, and pay for the police protection and crowd control at these private parties attended by his most fervent supporters. Unfortunately, he still wants us all to pay for his private love fests. I refuse to pay for what amounts to a Republican campaign rally! For a description of one of these rah-rah sessions read the description here. The American People are starting to wake up to this and rightly complain as US Citizens have done here. Even some Republicans are becoming skeptical about these meetings. Even the Bush Administration’s Unofficial Ministry of Propoganda, Fox News, had to report on their website “Bush's practice of appearing only before friendly, invitation-only audiences and answering prescreened questions could backfire if it comes across as hype.” How could it not? Bush still refuses to give details of his plan to privatize Social Security just vague generalities in front of a cheerleading squad. Remember he used to be a cheerleader in college so he knows a lot about cheerleading sessions. I wonder if he ends these by doing the splits? We’ll never know because they’re by invitation only, and we the people were not invited!


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