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Friday, May 06, 2005

North Carolina Baptist Preacher Throws Democrats Out of His Church Unless they Convert to Republicanism and Support George W. Bush

9 Parishoners Excommunicated for Not Being Republican So Far – More to Come – the Bluring of Church and State has Begun in Red State America

Associated Press Story on line here.

AP-The minister of a Haywood County, North Carolina Baptist church is telling members of his congregation that if they're Democrats, they either need to find another place of worship or support President Bush.

Already, the Reverend Chan Chandler has ex-communicated nine members of East Waynesville Baptist Church. Another 40 members have left in protest. During last Sunday's sermon, he acknowledged that church members were upset because he named people, and he says he'll do it again because he has to according to the word of God.

Chandler could not be reached for comment Friday, but says his actions weren't politically motivated. One former church member says Chandler told some of the members that if they didn't support George Bush, they needed to resign their positions and get out of the church, or go to the altar, repent and agree to vote for Bush.


I can just imagine the “prayer” that this “minister of God” is demanding his Democratic parishioners pray, “Oh, Lord and Savior George W. Bush, we have sinned against you in our unbelief of Your divine Lordship over all the Earth! Please forgive us our Democratic past, and help us to follow You and only You for ever and ever. Amen!”

That’s what we get when we let the Republican Leader of the Senate give the sermons on Sunday, and allow the Bush-Cheney Campaign to hold rallies in Churches throughout the country in 2004. Now churchgoers have to worship George W. Bush as God or be cast into the Lake of Fire where we will burn for all eternity for our lack of Faith in Bush.

May George Most High forgive me for my unbelief in his Lordship.



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