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Monday, May 02, 2005

Radical Cleric Condemns US Federal Judges

Radical Cleric Pat Robertson said thatFederal judges are a more serious threat to America than Al Qaeda and the Sept. 11 terrorists. Federal judges are “more serious than a few bearded terrorists who fly into buildings.” “They are destroying the fabric that holds our nation together." Read the NY Daily News article here. This combined with recent calls from Republican Leaders for violence against judges in the US and the recent violence already committed against US judges is just pouring gasoline on the fire of potential Domestic Terrorism. The Bush Administration’s Department of Homeland Security has continued to ignore the dangers of right-wing terrorism at all of our peril.

Speaking of Homeland Security back in October of 2002 the Republicans filibustered to block an up or down vote on legislation to create the Department of Homeland Security in the wake of the 9/11 attack. Even George W. Bush opposed the creation of this department until the summer of 2002 when he caved under public pressure and flip-flopped on this issue. Here is a news blurb from October of 2002:

Senator Carnahan (D-MO) Says Bush is on 3-Week Fundraising Binge While Homeland Security Legislation Languishes
Homeland Security

"While Bush embarks on a three-week-long fundraising and campaigning binge, Senator Daschle is keeping the United States Senate in overtime to get Homeland Security legislation passed. 'Unfortunately, devotion to a right-wing ideology and a grasp for political advantage are standing in the way of passing the Homeland Security bill. Republicans have voted five times to support the right-wing's filibuster of Homeland Security and deny an up or down vote on this legislation. The fact is that if the Senate Republicans would allow the Senate to vote on the Homeland Security bill, it would pass today. 'Congressman Armey's focus on this issue is clear. It was Democrats who proposed a Homeland Security Department over a year ago, and the Bush White House that opposed this effort for more than eight months. It was not until this summer, under pressure from the public, that the White House finally reversed its stance and agreed to support the creation of a Homeland Security Department."


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