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Monday, September 26, 2005

Bush Admin Always 8 Months Late and $300 Billion Short

Eight months before the devastation of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, an internal Homeland Security Department review warned that the nation was woefully unprepared for a disaster. Homeland Security officials said the problems identified in the Jan. 3 report were in the process of being addressed when the hurricanes hit...eight months later. This reminds me of another similar instance: eight months before 9/11. In January of 2001 the Rudman-Hart Commission instituted by President Clinton had just completed its study of the possiblity of a large-scale terroris attack on the US. By the time they completed the study a new president was in the White House. The committee briefed President Bush and Vice President Cheney in January of 2001 warning that terrorists would fly planes into skyscrapers in the US. It was not a question of if; it was only a question of when. The warned Bush and Cheney that the situation was dire. Bush assigned Cheney the duty of setting up a team to look into how to prevent this and report to Bush weekly. Eight months later Cheney had yet to set up the team or report anything to Bush when September 11 occurred. Four years later in Janary of this year the Department of Homeland Security warned that we were unprepared to respond to a disaster and eight months later they had yet to fix the problem. Also eight months before Katrina the Association of Floodplain Managers warned House Speaker Dennis Hastert (Speaker of the House) that the Bush Administration was "raiding" funds for dealing with natural disasters and that FEMA, since Bush's Homeland Security reorganization, was slower to respond and headed for failure in dealing with natural disasters. The failed response to Katrina was the result of that. Why are we the taxpaying citizens of the US paying obscene amounts of our hard-earned dollars to the Bush Administration when they sit on their asses instead of doing their jobs?

These lazy-assed bastards are only good at smearing anyone who criticizes them whether the person be Republcian or Democrat (anyone who blows the whistle on the Bush Adminisration gets slimed) and pointing the finger at others when they screw up. They are very good at that. Too bad they aren’t any damn good at what we actually pay them to do. Their jobs!

Remember the citizens of the US are the President’s boss. He reports to us. Not the other way around. Why did we re-hire this employee again?


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