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Monday, September 19, 2005

House Speaker Hastert was Warned in January FEMA was "Raiding" Funds for Dealing with Natural Disasters and Was Headed for Disaster Itself!

As a resident of Illinois I am embarrassed to point out the misdeeds of Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (who is also a resident of Illinois), but I feel I must in this instance. Madison, WI, based Association of Floodplain Managers warned House Speaker Dennis Hastert back in January that the Bush Administration was "raiding" funds for dealing with natural disasters and that FEMA, since Bush's Homeland Security reorganization, was slower to respond and headed for failure in dealing with natural disasters.

This was in January of 2005 and Hastert ignored the news that the Bush Administration’s FEMA was stealing from US taxpayers and leaving America unprepared for disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. Hastert apparently did not follow up on this warning, but if he had the Katrina failures by the Federal Government could have been avoided and possibly 200 to 300 billion of our tax dollars might not now have to be spent to fix those failures.

Hastert said after the disaster that New Orleans should not be rebuilt, but the president has pledged the most tax dollars ever for disaster recovery in the aftermath of the failure predicted and warned about back in January. Hastert failed to move Congress to address this issue then and so we are paying much more to fix it now.

We’ll see if the Lapdog US Mainstream Media reports this or ignores it as they have so many other stories critical of the Bush Administration! Read the letter that was sent to Hastert back in January here. Contact the networks and insist that they report this to their viewers.


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