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Monday, October 31, 2005

US Mainstream Media Last Among Top 44 Nations in World in Openness – Yes, U.S. Ranks 44th in Worldwide Press Freedom Index

The US has dropped to 44th place in being a “free press” among world media. Last year we were 22nd. In 2002 we were 17th. We have dropped in being a free press every year of the Bush Administration. I’m not at all surprised! South Korea is 10 places ahead of the US Media. Yes, we’ve dropped behind South Korea in our “free press.” America, the home of the free press, and during a few short years of the Bush Administration we’ve plummeted to 44th place! And that takes into consideration newspapers which are far more “free” than TV News [sic] where most Americans get their information. Studies have found American’s woefully misinformed by televised news with viewers of Fox News Network ranking at the very bottom – the least informed Americans – scoring worst on surveys of issues facing the US.

For instance an overwhelming majority of Fox News viewers thought that we had found Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq (three separate Bush appointed weapons inspectors have said there was none) and an overwhelming majority of Fox News viewers thought that Saddam Hussein was behind the September 11 attacks. Bush himself had to finally admit that Saddam was not behind the attacks in September of 2003, but despite this Fox viewers weren’t informed and answered wrongly. They missed several other questions as well.

South Korea, positioned at 34th place in having a free press, is improving its image, partly because of open-source media OhmyNews. Any citizen in South Korea can be a reporter, thanks to its policy of posting submissions from people with all backgrounds. That’s what we bloggers in the US are trying to do. To raise America’s ratings in press freedom by reporting what the Corporate Media refuses to report. Help support a free press and read the sources in the upper left hand column of this page under the "Read these to be informed" heading. You will be amazed at what you are NOT being told by the Media Moguls. Help stamp out ignorance! READ! Don't believe Faux News Channel's Lies. READ and be informed!


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