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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Why Did Harriet Miers Withdraw from Supreme Court Consideration?

Harriet Miers has withdrawn her name from consideration for Supreme Court Justice. Why? Because conservative Republicans were insisting she do so. Why is that? Perhaps because a Texas State Lottery official who was previously prevented from revealing that Miers allowed a lobbyist to keep a contract with the state of Texas in exchange for keeping secret the fact he helped George W. Bush get into the National Guard during the Viet Nam War ahead of hundreds of other men on the waiting list. The official named Littwin signed an agreement that gave him $70,000 to keep quiet on this fact. He would lose the money if he revealed the information. But the Senate Confirmation Hearings would have allowed him to reveal the information without jeopardizing his money. Democrats on the committee subpoenaed Littwin to testify. Now that Harriet Miers is no longer in the running that testimony will not occur and Bush’s secret will remain a secret. No wonder Republicans were so set on having Miers drop out of the running. During the 2004 Presidential Election they spread lies about John Kerry’s military record (lies which have been since proved to be lies) and did everything to keep the truth of Bush’s military record from the public.


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