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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Conservatives Say Republican Politicians Can Violate Law and That’s OK. No One Else Can, Though!

Arch Conservative Pundit Hack William Kristol and other Conservative Paid Political Liars are telling the American people that outing a covert CIA operative is not a crime (of course it is) and that obstruction of justice is not a crime (of course it is too) if you happen to be a Conservative Republican. Also money laundering, campaign fraud and conspiracy is not a crime if you happen to be a Republican Politician according to Kristol so Tom DeLay should be let off the hook, too! That’s what the GOP’s defense has come to. They can break the law because they are Republican Politicians. Clinton is impeached for a BJ and these Crooks can break every law in the book even lie the nation into a war that has resulted in our being hated by the Iraqis and most of the world. That’s okay. Clinton was a Democrat and so he and anyone who is not a politically well connected Republican must follow the law. The GOP Politicos can blithely ignore the law, though. They are immune from prosecution acording to Kristol et al.

When the entire Bush Administration including Bush himself end up in prison can we lock Kristol, Novak and the rest of the Bush apologists who lied to us for years as well? If not, can we the people of this country file a class action lawsuit against the lying scum of the Corporate Media? I think I suffered about a million dollars worth of damages and mental anguish from these clowns. So did the rest of the nearly 300 million Americans so we should collect $300,000,000,000,000 from the Corporate Media, bankrupt them (they deserve it for the deplorable job they’ve done deliberately misreporting the news) and we’ll start our own Mainstream Media based on reporting the truth for a change. Kristol and his fellow liars can either end up in jail or the poor house. Either one would be a fitting end for them. Shall we do it?


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