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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Bush Violating Constitution?

George W. Bush has pledged that he will VETO the Defense Bill that contains the amendment banning torture of prisoners and detainees: an amendment that allows us to be in accordance with the Geneva Convention. Vetoing this bill will mean that the US Military will run out of funds for Iraq and Afghanistan in about a month. It will also be the first time Bush has vetoed any bill coming from Congress including bridges to nowhere in Alaska and half million dollar bus stops in Alaska and other pork. It will also be used as an excuse for our nation’s enemies when they have Americans held captive to torture them using Bush’s refusal to abide by a Treaty that the US ratified and which by virtue of Article VI of the US Constitution makes the Geneva Convention equal in stature with the US Constitution and therefore the Supreme Law of the Land. When Bush became President (both times) he swore on the Bible that he would uphold and defend the Constitution which in turn requires that he uphold and defend ratified treaties including the Geneva Convention. By failing to uphold Geneva (as required by Article VI) he is failing to fulfill his duties as President: a potentially impeachable offense.


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