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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Anti-Science Bush Appointee to NASA Quits When Blogger Exposes him as Fraud and Liar

President Bush’s appointee to head NASA public affairs, George Deutsch, was forced to resign when it came out that he lied about having a college degree. Deutsch who claimed to be a graduate of Texas A&M had been censoring NASA scientists from speaking about Global Warming and inisting that scientists speak about the Big Bang from a religious perspective was exposed by a blogger, Nick Anthis, who operates the blog and is himself a graduate of Texas A&M. Deutsch (Bush's NASA appointee) was an intern in the Bush-Cheney 2004 'war room'. That apparently qualified him for his next assignment: screening the scientific information NASA personnel could communicate to the American public. The blogger exposed that Deutch lied to on his resume by making a single phone call.

A single phone call!

To get a top job in NASA public affairs, the FBI and NASA itself closely examine the applicants’ resumes to make sure that they actually have a college degree and graduated from the university they claimed to have. This is Standard Operating Policy and has been for decades. The fact that this was not uncovered and Deutsch’s appointment by Bush was not stopped in the first place is yet another example of Bush Administration cronyism and another example of the US Mainstream Media dropping the ball and a common citizen blogger having to do their job for them. Again this citizen blogger exposed the Bush appointee as a fraud and a liar with a single phone call that any reporter worth his or her salt could have made and the FBI and NASA should have made.

How many thousands more unqualified cronies are sucking up our tax dollars and not serving the American people like Mike Brown the former head of FEMA and George Deutch the now former head of NASA public affairs? We have no idea since the Corporate Mainstream Media won’t bother to find out.

We have no free press in America except through the Blogoshere. Welcome to the Real Media. The Real Free Press.



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