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Monday, March 13, 2006

Another Little Girl Shot to Death Thanks to the Tyranny of the NRA

Arch Lobbyist Organization, the NRA, has killed another child in Chicago in order to pad the pockets of gun manufacturers supplying criminal gangs throughout the US. The NRA gets only a portion of their Million$ from dues from regular Americans with most of their filthy lucre coming from those who supply violent criminals throughout America. Those gun manufacturers own the Republican Party though their lobbying arm, the NRA. The rest of America is held captive with a gun to our heads as they become more and more wealthy and the GOP fills their coffers with payoffs and our coffins with children.

The Bush Administration and the Republicans in Congress allowed the Assault weapons ban to elapse and our streets to fill with semi-automatic weapons easily converted to automatic ones. Democrats in Congress tried to renew the ban, but the GOP gets too much of their graft from the killers. So the ban was lifted despite the fact that police departments throughout the country begged Congress to renew the ban. The Republicans decided to ignore our men in blue and endanger all Americans to keep the bribes they receive from the NRA.

Claims that this is about hunters’ rights are pure BULLSHIT since it is illegal to hunt with assault weapons. Claims that it’s about protecting your home is ridiculous since no one sleeps with an Uzi under their pillow to keep prowlers at bay. This is about gangs spraying homes with bullets in turf wars that rarely encroach upon the neighborhoods of Bill Frist, Dennis Hastert, George Bush or the CEOs of Corporations providing guns and ammo to the Crypts and the Bloods.

The next time you read about another gangland murder think about the politician and the executive who can afford another yacht or third summer home courtesy of the child victim’s blood and her parents’ grief. That’s what America is all about if you are a Republican in Congress or the White House.

Remember to vote in November. It’s not just a right; it’s your responsibility. Let’s take America back from the Lobbyists.



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