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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Two E-Vote Machines Confiscated by New Hampshire’s Attorney General’s Office for Failing to Tally Votes Accurately

Brad Blog has the story of two electronic vote counting machines which had to be confiscated by the New Hampshire’s Attorney General’s Office for miscounting vote tallies.

The machines did not malfunction in the tests prior to the election, but did miscount the votes in the actual election. These were two of the few that have paper votes that can be counted to see the inaccurate tallies. Most electronic voting machines throughout the country do not produce paper copies and there is no way to know how many votes have been miscounted in US elections. This is why all electronic vote machines need to produce paper copies, and the voter needs to verify that their votes are accurately printed on them to avoid these kinds of “glitches” as these are called. Are they mistakes? We don’t know because most of the e-voting machines source code is not available to election officials or anyone else in government. They are black boxes that we are supposed to trust our democracy to. Doesn’t that make you feel safe?


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