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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Bush to Drop the Big One on Nevada June 2

The Bush Administration is planning on exploding a 700-ton (which is 1.4 million pounds) ammonium nitrate and fuel oil bomb in Nevada to simulate a nuclear bunker buster bomb that could be dropped on Iran. Keep in mind that it was just such an ammonium nitrate and fuel oil bomb that Right-Wing Terrorist Timothy McVeigh used to blow up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The Bush Admin is now copying the Right-Wing Terrorist who committed the biggest terrorist attack on the US before September 11. The Bush Bomb is planned to be detonated on June 2. Local Native Americans who live downwind and will receive possibly nuclear fallout (the area of the test may be at or near ones previously used for nuclear bombs so the ground would still be radioactive) are trying to stop the blast to protect the health of their children. The explosion will create a mushroom cloud similar to a nuclear bomb.


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