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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Republican Party Caught PhotoShopping Hitler Mustache on Howard Dean’s Face on their Web Site

An alert blogger grabbed a screenshot of the GOP Home Page with Howard Deans face PhotoShopped to have a Hitler mustache. They have since removed the Hitler mustache when people complained. This was what the Official Republican Party Web Site looked like:

GOP puts Hitler mustache on Howard Dean

Here’s the undoctored (no pun intended) image:

Howard Dean without GOP added Hitler mustache

The GOP’s official Web Site PhotoShopped a Howard Dean picture shadowing in a Hitler mustache. Think about that. Remember all the fuss the GOP had when some people tried to enter Hitler ads on MoveOn.Org and MoveOn removed them as soon as they learned that a regular American had put it on their site. The Republicans still complain about this, they continue to call Democrats Nazis and compare them to Hitler. And now they shadow in Hitler mustaches on prominent Democrats. After complaints they have now changed the picture on their site to the original non-Hitler mustached version.:

GOP removes Hitler mustache from Howard Dean

The GOP was caught red-handed lying to America.

More on this at this site. There is even more information here. TPM found that Deans hair was also made more Hitleresque in the GOP's first photo. Study the two photos. They contacted the Republican Party who have chosen not to respond to this hoping the media will ignore it. They're right.

This should be a front page story and would be if the Democratic Party PhotoShopped a Hitler mustache on Bush or any other Republican and posted it on their website, but because the Republicans did this to a Democrat the Subservient Lapdog Corporate Mainstream Media Whores will obediently ignore this as they have so many other stories.

Instead the media says, "What should we tell the American people now, Mr. Rove?"


Blogger Mary P said...

I feel so sad for America when I see this kind of stupidity in its leaders. I thought the Vietnam war was bad, but I did not know how bad it could get. Chomsky is right--this is a failed state.

10:04 PM  
Blogger Joe said...

I feel sad that one of the two leading political parties in the US (and the one in control of all three branches of the federal government) would stoop to this, and worse that I know the Corporate Media will say nothing about it. They would scream from the rooftops if the Democratic Party web site did this to a Republican. They would scream from the rooftops if a no name blogger like me did it. Look how they screamed when a no name American posted a video on MoveOn.Org and they removed it as soon as they saw it. But Media Whores will keep quiet about their masters doing it to the Democrats because of the incestuous relationship between the GOP and the Media.

I hope Chomsky is wrong about the US being a failed state for the sake of my children and all the children of our nation. But if it is I know the two groups that failed us: the Media and the Republican Party. They have failed our nation and perhaps doomed our future. I pray that it is not too late to undo the damage they have wrought on the USA. I will do everything I can to counter their continued efforts to inflict damage on America.

4:27 PM  

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