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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Breaking: Senator George Allen (R-Virginia) Has His Staff Attack a Marine (One of Allen’s Constituents) Who Asked Him a Question at a Public Event

Earlier today Republican Senator George Allen of Virginia had his staff attack a Former US Marine, Mike Stark, who is one of Allen’s constituents when Stark asked Allen a question at a public event. The three Allen staffers put a head-lock and a choke-hold on the Marine, wrestled him to the floor and pushed him out of a hotel where he had simply asked his senator a question about matters of public record that Allen refuses to answer. Allen, who never served his country in the armed services, is running against a decorated war hero and former Marine, wounded in Vietnam and winner of the Navy Cross who was also a Reagan Administration Official (now a Democrat) named Jim Webb. Stark served our nation in the US Marines for four years and is currently completing law school at the University of Virginia.

Senator Allen responded, “Well, those things happen.”

Our US Constitution guarantees Americans the right to petition our government including our elected officials. It guarantees us the right of Free Speech.

So why was a US Marine choked, manhandled and physically thrown out of a public place by a US Senator’s staff? “Well, those things happen” when the elected official is a Republican who feels he is above the law and doesn't need to answer his constituents.

Read about it here and view a video here.

Support Our Troops: Vote the Republicans out of office on Tuesday, November 7!


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