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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Republican Vote Hacking Going On Across the Country – a Very Scary Halloween!

Throughout our nation voters are reporting that when they vote for one candidate, a different candidate (always the Republican candidate) is being displayed as having received the vote. Only a small percentage of the voters are noticing that their votes are being hi-jacked. This is going on in South Florida, St. Louis County, Missouri, Arkansas, San Antonio and Dallas. There are even more reported here. There are more cases of it happening here and here and here.

In every instance of Vote Hopping, the votes are hopping over to the Republican candidates. They are never hopping over to the Democratic Party candidate or any other party. Imagine that. Every single time, the Republicans benefit from this “error.”

This happened all across the country in the 2004 elections especially in the Swing States. The Electronic Voting machine companies tried blaming on voters being confused, but in many cases the elections judges witnessed the problems. Then the Electronic Voting machine companies said that they had fixed the problem. But guess what? It's happening in the 2008 election. No wonder President Bush and Karl Rove are certain that the Republicans will win the election.

It is a statistical impossibility that every single “random error” would benefit the Republican Party. Let’s not be naïve, we all know what is going on here. We expect that in the USSR, but not the USA.

Our only defense is to vote early and demand a paper ballot that can be recounted accurately afterwards. They will run out of these paper ballots, so that is why you must vote early. If they refuse to give you a paper ballot, contract your local newspaper, radio and television stations complaining that they refused you a paper ballot to insure accountability. Bring a video camera and if you have to vote on an Electronic Voting machine, video record your voting on it. If your vote hops to the Republican candidate, that is the evidence we will need to prosecute these criminals.

It is time for the American people to take our nation back. If they will not let us do that by allowing us to vote them out of office, we must publicize their voter fraud. Eventually every American will know. We will take our nation back.

Vote to take our country back on Tuesday, November 7, 2006!


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