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Sunday, September 10, 2006

ABC needs to have all of its Licenses Revoked Throughout the US

Get ready for a hastily written RANT: I have been too busy to post to this blog recently, but not too busy to write several emails to Disney and ABC president Robert Iger (and others) expressing my utter disappointment and disbelief with their plans to air piece of fiction swift-boating and blaming the Clinton Administration for September 11 using patent lies as their basis. These lies contradict at least seven key points of the 9/11 Commission Report and yet Disney/ABC has the balls to claim that their “docudrama” (or crockudrama as it should be more correctly called) is “based on the 9/11 Commission Report.” It dreams up scenes of Sandy Berger calling off CIA and tribal Afghanis who had surrounded bin Laden (never happened) hanging up on the CIA when they were trying to get permission to get bin Laden (never happened and was actually adlibbed during filming so they kept it because it made Democrats look bad). They said Clinton was too busy with the Lewinski case to focus on al Qaeda (the 9/11 Commission Report found just the opposite). They said that Madeline Albright tipped off the Pakistanis that the US was firing missiles on al Qaeda (completely made up—the Pentagon testified that it was them who tipped off the Pakistanis and waited until the missiles were on their way cruising through Pakistani airspace and only tipped them off so Pakistan wouldn’t think India was firing on them). I could go on and on.

The trailers for this film shown in the US and in all English speaking countries from the UK to Australia to New Zealand (it has just aired in New Zealand and didn’t have the disclaimer ABC said it was going to have explaining that it was fiction—lying sacks of shit) claims to be the true story behind 9/11 and shows what wasn’t done by the Clinton administration that could have prevented the attack and shows Clinton’s face superimposed on fire and devastation. Thousands of Americans have written Iger, ABC, Disney, Disney’s Chairman of the Board, George Mitchell, local ABC affiliates, signed petitions, contacted Scholastic which produced teaching materials to be used in US schools with instructions that students should watch this piece of fiction blaming the wrong president. The film was released for review to conservative journals and right-wing blogs, but suspiciously not to moderate or liberal reviewers. When non-Right Wing reviewers finally did see it and pointed out that it contradicts the very report it claims to be based on Disney/ABC said all criticisms of it are wrong because the film is still being edited.

Look, when you send 900 copies out to reviewers and TV stations around the world and prepped hundreds if not thousands of ABC affiliates in the US, you weren’t still editing! If any edits are being done now (six hours before show time in the US) it represents back peddling and ass covering to keep from being sued out of existence. I’m sure Disney/ABC’s lawyers have put a tiny 3 second disclaimer (that’s exactly what they did in New Zealand which just broadcast it) to cover their sorry legal asses, but the deal is that ABC and all broadcasters get to use our citizen-owned airwaves free of charge and they make billions of dollars selling advertising on those airwaves in exchange for which the law says that they must use the citizen-owned airwaves in the public’s best interest. And lying to the American people on the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks if not in the public’s best interest, It is in the Republican Party’s best interest because they are in danger of loosing Congress in about ten weeks when we hold the midterm elections.

The head of Disney’s Public Relations, Zenia Mucha, was Republican Governor Pataki’s political advisor nicknamed the Director of Revenge, and she was Communications Director for nasty Republican Senator Alphonse D’Amato. The writer and producer of the swift-boating 9/11 film, Cyrus Nowrasteh, is a famous conservative political activist. Right Wing nutjob David Horowitz put up the money for this political assasignation. Sieg Heil, Mickey!

The Republican Party made CBS back down and not air a “docudrama” about Ron and Nancy Reagan because they felt it made him look bad, but they are jumping up and down celebrating that a docudrama lying to America about the events leading up to 9/11 is about to air. It has been shown that Disney/ABC did not make this piece of propaganda by accident. They sent it to only right-wing reviewers. They were warned repeatedly by people working on the film that it contained lies and didn't correct them. This is a purposeful misuse of our airwaves for pro-Republican propaganda purposes. ABC is violating the spirit if not the law covering their free of charge use of citizen-owned airwaves and we Americans need to demand and not rest until ABC loses every broadcasting license it holds. I am all for free speech, but this is NOT a free speech issue. You cannot hide behind “free speech” and libel someone as Disney/ABC has done. You cannot deliberately mislead the American people about 9/11 which is the equivalent of yelling FIRE in a crowded theater!

Disney/ABC has not responded to any of the emails they received. Nor has Scholastic (I am contacting my local school districts insisting that they not use teaching materials rom Scholastic connected with The Path to 9/11). Families of the victims of 9/11 have asked ABC to not show the film. Disney/ABC just thumbed their noses at all who demand they act in a responsible manner in this.

Disney/ABC needs to be punished for this deliberate act of political swift-boating. We the American people need to make an example of this brazen act of Stalinism on Disney/ABC’s part. Please contact your local ABC affiliate if they aired The Path to 9/11 and let them know that you are contacting all of their advertisers and telling them you will not buy their products as long as they advertise on an ABC station. Contact the FCC and demand that they review your local ABC affiliate’s license with an eye to revoking it because of misusing our airwaves. Contact ABC Corporate and let them know. Contact Disney and tell them you will not visit any Disney theme park, you will not buy or watch any Disney video, you will not buy any Disney product. I know Disney has in the past been a fine company and ABC used to be a respectable network, but right now I truly want Disney run out of business and as God is my witness I want ABC to lose every broadcasting license they hold. I will not be happy until both companies are out of business.

This kind of State Sponsored Television rewriting history to glorify the ruling party may have cut it in the former Soviet Union, but this is the United States of America and real Americans will not stand for the Sovietizing of the USA!!! If you are willing to allow the US to become the USSR, GET THE HELL OUT YOU UN-AMERICAN PIECE OF SHIT!

We real Americans will fight to save our country from State Controlled Television. I am deadly serious about this!

*Update: ABC promised that throughout the entire broadcast of their fake-umentary, the Path to 9/11, they would have an onscreen message that it was a work of fiction. When it broadcast earlier today in New Zealand it had no such message and only a 3 second blurb at the beginning. Well, I turned on my TV and put on my local ABC station and guess what? ABC lied! There was no onscreen message that it was entirely a work of fiction. Disney/ABC are lying sacks of shit! They deserve to have every license revoked for deliberately misleading the American people in preparation for the November mid-term elections.

Disney gets huge tax breaks from Florida courtesy of Bush’s brother Jeb. They paid him back today. Just like the lobbyists paying bribes to Republican Congressmen who gave them special deals at taxpayers expense, Disney and Jeb give each other bribes and the American people are tricked into thinking the crock-umentary is based on truth. The mainstream media has been reporting that the film is completely true even though it contradicts the 9/11 Commission Report and other official documents and the writer, a conservative political activist, admitted he made much of it up. We need to get out the truth to the American people and put these lying mother-#$@%ers in jail.

**Update 2: Disney and ABC president Bob Iger personally promised Clinton’s lawyers that he would remove the false and defaming information contained in the original version of the film that aired in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Iger lied!

He didn’t remove the deliberately false and defaming material from the film and engaged in a willful misleading of the American people who after watching the fiction think they know the “truth about 9/11.” When they actually only know the Reich Wing Propaganda about 9/11. Disney should be driven out of business and ABC should be stripped of all licenses to use our citizen-owned airwaves in perpetuity. When the truth about Bush is known by the American people, I hope they know and long remember that Disney/ABC was a willing partner in lying to America.

Disney is dead to me. ABC is dead to me. I will never watch another ABC or Disney program or buy any Disney goods or visit any Disney owned property ever again.

To me deliberately misleading the American people about 9/11 makes Disney/ABC as despicable as the Nazis who ran the concentration camps and gassed six million Jews. I know there are Jewish people who will be offended by my saying that, and I apologize if you are offended, but fascism is fascism and the Bush Administration and the Republicans who run Congress are every bit as much fascists as Hitler, Mussolini and Franco. Bush’s Grandfather and Great-grandfather even financed Nazi Germany and were prosecuted under the Trading With the Enemy Act in 1942. In fact the Bush family and their business partners began financing Hitler in the early 1930s and are largely responsible for Hitler’s rise to power. Bush family business partner Fritz Thyssen boasted in his 1941 book "I Paid Hitler" that he was the Nazi Party's first and greatest financial backer. So any Jewish person offended that I compare Disney/ABC to the Nazis should be far more offended that Bush’s family are responsible for Hitler coming to power.

Disney/ABC’s relationship with Jeb and George Bush and their appeasement of the Bush family in this swift-boating of Democrats shows which side of history they want to be remembered on. The same side as Bush and Hitler. Time will be the judge of all of these players.


Blogger joe2 said...

Hi, Eat at Joes from Eat at Joes (Australia).

This has been a big subject amongst the local bloggers. I give you a link that might interest you.
I believe the second part was on the tele tonight.Did not waste my time with this Disney fantasy. Cheers...and see........

7:48 AM  
Blogger Joe said...

Thanks for the link, Joe2. I only watched the crock-umentary long enough to see that Disney/ABC lied about having an on-screen text that it was a fictional deptiction thoughout the entire broadcast was a lie. There was no such text on US TV and I now know that Disney gave the UK, Austrailia and New Zealand the version that had more lies than they were able to get away with in America. I am probaly dreaming that we the people can bring ABC and Disney to their lying kissing-up-to-the-GOP-by-misleading-the-public knees, but I would sure like to give it a try.

1:25 PM  

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