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Sunday, August 20, 2006

British Authorities Keep Asking Bush Administration to STOP LEAKING CLASIFIED INFORMATION ABOUT WAR ON TERROR TO THE PRESS!!!!!!

The Bush Administration just can’t stop leaking classified information about British activities to stop terrorists. The British are furious with them for flapping their lips to the press giving away key information they need to wage the war on terror. Last week the British angrily accused the Bush Administration of rushing them to arrest suspects before the suspects had bought tickets, gotten passports or made any bombs. The British have had to let go two of them without charge and may have to release several others according to Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. The British accused the Bush administration of jumping the gun on linking the suspects to al Qaeda according the conservative Times of London. In that report British officials accused the Bush Administration of leaking things to the press in an effort to win in the November election for Republicans. Loose lips sink ships and the Bush Administration’s lips are like pudding spilling sensitive classified details to the media damaging National Security for political gain.

We need someone in charge who will wage a true war on terror and not a propaganda war on the Democratic Party. Vote Democratic in November. We don’t need loose lips sinking our ship of state any longer.


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