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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Republican Leaders in Congress (and Bush) are Making it Easier for Criminals to Commit Crimes in America Because of Lobbyists

This isn’t a single item; it is part of a series of actions Republicans in Congress and the Bush White House have taken to make it easier for criminals to attack Americans using guns.

  1. In September of 2004 Republicans in Congress let the Assault Weapons Ban expire despite police forces throughout the nation begging Congress to renew the ban to allow them to keep criminals from using deadly assault rifles on citizens and law enforcement officers in the commission of crimes. This was done to appease the NRA. Democrats tried to heed the call of police, but Republicans who control Congress blocked the renewal.
  2. Law enforcement agencies used to be able to access gun sales data to track sales to criminals and the flow of weapons to gangs in order to protect communities. In 2003 Republicans in Congress ended the collection of that data bowing to the pressure of the NRA. Again this was done against the will of police and the Democrats tried unsuccessfully to stop this. But Republicans control Congress so the NRA won and police and citizens lost. Bush signed the law blocking the collection of this data from the hands of law enforcement.
  3. Republicans in Congress are now working on a bill to block the federal government from being able to release gun crime data of any kind.
  4. Republicans in Congress are working to pass a bill making it a felony for police in one department to pass on tips on gun crime to another jurisdiction. Again the NRA, a powerful lobbying outfit in Washington, are behind this.

Read this article for more information.

Time and time again we see how Republicans in Congress are doing the bidding of Washington lobbyists often committing crimes in doing so. For many years they have been working to make American streets less safe and allow guns (including assault rifles) in the hands of dangerous criminals including gangs.

It is time for Americans to take back our government from these special interests. Vote the bums out of office and take the guns out of the hands of criminals. Vote Democratic in November.


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