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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Attorney General Ashcroft Requiring Non-profits including ACLU to Check Employees Against a Bush Administration "Black List"

The Bush Administration wants to make sure non-profits hire the right kind of people or they will loose their donations. Read about it here. If your Mommie is a Commie then you gotta turn her in! The Bush Administration says that this is to fight terrorists. Now, I’m all for protecting America. And if someone is a known terrorist they should be scooped up and put away regardless of whether they work for a particular company or not. But we already know that the Bush Administration has created a secret “no-fly list” of people who will not be allowed to fly. Senator Kennedy found himself on that list. His name was similar to someone who was up to no good. So the Senator was told he was not able to fly. The Bush Administration refuses to turn over that list. It’s a secret. So you or I might be on it. This “Black List” is a similar “secret list” that you or I could be on. How do we know we won’t be told our services are no longer required by our employer? Nothing more. Years from now learning that our names were similar to a someone up to no good or that the Bush Administration decided to make our lives a little harder by adding our names to this secret list. I have a very common name. It could be the same as some criminal. I have a blog that points out things that the Bush Administration doesn’t like made public. What if they decide that I’m persona non grata? What are we as a nation becoming? The Bush Administration has already asked US Citizens to spy on one another. I don’t like the way my neighbor looked at me. I’m going to turn him in to the feds. Maybe they’ll visit him at work, and he’ll get fired, and have to move away. This is very unsettling. Employers shouldn’t be comparing employees names to secret Black Lists in order to keep from going under.


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