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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Washington Post Holds Roll Of Karl Rove's Toilet Paper on Bush's National Guard Most Recent "Outing"

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BuzzFlash Note: The Washington Post did the bidding of the White House once again, in a lengthy, breathless, illustrated front page story that tried to undercut the memos that verified that Bush was an AWOL coward who defied his commanding officers and was grounded as a pilot because he refused a direct order to take a physical, probably because it would have revealed drug use.

The Post regularly overlooks the daily lying and misstatements of Bush, but has time to develop a sketchy article that has Karl Rove's finger prints all over it. Never mind that the memos only confirm what was known about Bush even without the memos, the Washington Post holds Rove's roll of toilet paper, so it just had to wipe his butt. That's their job!

So they misreported the facts, and slanted the analysis toward the Republican black job artists who needed to create doubt about what is already pretty clear from the documents the White House released: Bush was grounded as a pilot and was missing in non-action for a year.
It makes you wonder who is running the WP, the WP or the WH (White House)? Let's just say if there isn't a White House mole at the Washington Post, the news department editor should get flunked out of cub reporting school.

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From a BuzzFlash Reader:

As this website ( shows, the hoax is a hoax! They tried to tell us that the documents CBS news came up with recently on 60 Minutes II last Wednesday night were a hoax because they featured proportional spacing, superscript "th's" and Times New Roman font style---all of which supposedly were not available way back in 1972.

Well, according to IBM's own archives they came out with a typewriter that did proportional spacing in 1941! That's 31 years before 1972.

And once again, IBM's own archives reveal that they came out with the IBM Selectric typewriter in 1961 which had a removable typeface ball for easy changing of font styles. That's 11 years before 1972.

And on "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" on Friday night they showed that the Times New Roman font style dates back to the mid-1930's. That's roughly 37 years before 1972. See also

On top of all this, official documents from Bush's own war records that have been released show the same proportional spacing and superscript "th's".

Case closed. The hoax is a hoax.

But you know, really, all you have to do is ask yourself -- do these documents conform to the George W. Bush we have come to know and loathe? The George W. Bush who was born on home plate, but has gone through life acting like he'd hit a home run? The George W. Bush who has a history of using daddy's friends and connections to bail his ass out? The George W. Bush who always gets somebody else to do his dirty work for him? The George W. Bush who never EVER accepts responsibility for his actions? The George W. Bush who is basically just a spoiled brat rich kid punk? Oh yeah, they conform EXACTLY to that George W. Bush. QED, the documents are authentic.




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