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Thursday, September 16, 2004

US Corporate-Owned News Media Failure on Iraq Facts and 9/11 Report

Read this posting from Atrios' Blog and continue reading the article he refers to

Right about the time the media was giving weak apologies for not paying much attention to things like "facts" during the march to war, they were busy dropping the ball on another important subject -- the 9/11 Report. They were quick to tell us how the report didn't really blame anyone, as if the only real story there was whether they give Clinton, Bush, or both of them, a spanking. Why they expected to find anywhere in the report a sentence like "We blame the Bush administration" I do not know, and why it would be necessary to find such a sentence to reach such a conclusion is unfathomable. As those of us who actually read at least parts of the 9/11 report discovered, the report is incredibly brutal to the Bush administration. Elizabeth Drew, who actually took the time to read it and to have some discusssions with the various commissioners explains what should have been obvious to everyone in our cowed media -- before and during 9/11, the absolute incompetence of the Bush administration is shocking.I've linked to this before, but she's talking about it now on Franken's show. Everyone should read it.
-Atrios 2:39 PM


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