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Friday, April 22, 2005

White House Back To Original Lie -- GOP Operative Posing as Secret Service Agent

The White House after admitting that White House staff were the ones kicking non-Bush Supporting American Citizens out of Tax Payer Funded events featuring President Bush now are back to their original story that it was an eager local Republican Party operative. The man who was throwing out non-Republicans was dressed in a black suit and had an earpiece in his ear like all of the Secret Service agents present, but the Secret Service says he wasn’t one of them, and don’t know who he was. Maybe he is a White House staffer as the Bush Admin said before or maybe he is a local member of the Republican Party as the Bush Admin claimed at first and is claiming again. Who knows? No one in a position of authority can identify him. So let me see if I get this straight. The Secret Service is charged with protecting the President, right? At a public event where the President is speaking there is an unknown man posing as a Secret Service agent. The Secret Service doesn’t know who he is, and doesn’t think that it is important enough to check out who this imposter is. President Bush’s people are worried that some people who may have voted for John Kerry (and who along with the rest of us paid for the event) might be present because that would be a danger to the President. WHAT ABOUT THE GUY MASQUERADING AS A SECRET SERVICE AGENT????!!! ISN’T HE A POTENTIAL DANGER TO THE PRESIDENT???!!! HELLO!!! MCFLY??!!! THEY ALLOW A MAN TO IMPERSONATE A SECRET SERVICE AGENT AT AN EVENT WHERE THE PRESIDENT IS SPEAKING, BUT CAN’T ALLOW ANY POSSIBLE DEMOCRATS BEING PRESENT???!!! GIVE ME A HUGE BREAK!!!! THEY’RE NOT AFRAID THE PRESIDENT MIGHT BE KILLED, THEY’RE JUST AFRAID HE MIGHT BE ASKED AN EMBARRASSING QUESTION HE WASN’T COACHED ON AND CAN’T ANSWER BECAUSE HE CAN’T THINK ON HIS FEET!!!!

I’m a patriotic American and I don’t want President Bush to be assassinated, so I’m going to give the Secret Service a little heads up here. Hey, guys don’t let non-Secret Service agents impersonate Secret Service agents at events featuring the President. The people checking who has weapons might not check those impersonators (thinking they’re real agents), and they could get close to the president with a gun or something. So don't focus on getting rid of the Democrats in the audience focus instead on the people pretending to be agents, and we’ll all be better off. Nuff said? Good! Just a friendly little advice from an American citizen who doesn’t want to have his president assassinated. I hope I've helped!


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