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Friday, May 13, 2005

Proof US Media is Not Only “Not Liberal” They are Not Even American—they are Unpatriotic Scum!!!!

Time and time again the US Mainstream Media has failed to report to the American People what its own government is doing: the crimes and corruption, the lies and deliberate misleading of the American people in order to line the pockets of a privileged few whose campaign contributions provide the quid pro quo of graft that is the hallmark of the current US Government. Well, nearly 2 Weeks After a conservative London newspaper published a Memo that Revealed the Bush Administration Fixed Intelligence to Justify the Iraq War, the Washington Post decides to run a story about It on Page 18. Yes! Page 18 and two weeks after the news broke. Once again a story that should be on the front page the day the news broke and would if Clinton had lied in order to start a war is buried two weeks later on page 18 where it is unlikely to be read by many Americans, but the paper can later claim, “Look we reported it,” when the American People rise up in righteous indignation that they were deliberately mislead into supporting an unnecessary war of convenience and profit for the likes of Haliburton! This is Incomprehensible, unless the First Loyalty of the Washington Post and the US Mainstream Media at large is to the Bush Administration, not to delivering the truth upfront and on a timely basis to the American People! Their real loyalties do no lie with the American People that’s for sure! Liberal Media My ASS!!!!!! The US Mainstream Media couldn’t tell the American People enough about Monica’s stained blue dress or where Clinton offered to put his cigar, but a war that is costing the US upwards of $300 Billion (that’s Billion with a B) over 1600 US Service Members dead and tens of thousands wounded most for life, by some estimates 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians, the undying hatred of the world because their press actually reports what our press suppresses. That the US Mainstream Media either doesn’t report or buries nearly 20 pages deep two weeks late so that it won’t be read. In what Bizzaro Universe is that considered a Liberal Media? Only in the twisted demented minds of neo-conmen like Karl Rove, Bill O’Lie-ly, Rush Limpballs, and Sean Insanity! It’s Liberal Media this and Liberal Media that. Liberal media my ASS!!!! Unfortunately, the people are believing this BULLSHIT because it’s being broadcast into their brains 24x7!


I have 3 small children, and I will not have them live in a nation where liars rule the government and the media and keep the people as their unwitting slaves by keeping them in an information vacuum!!! I want my country back so our children won’t have to live under a totalitarian regime. Again I’m not advocating violence, I am calling for the American people to inform themselves despite the Siren’s call of mainstream media infotainment by reading news sources such as those on the upper left corner of this page under the heading “Read these to be informed.” A people informed is a people who can control their own destiny by choosing leaders who will be responsive to the needs of the people and not to the demands of special interest groups including the mainstream media itself!!!



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